These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. -- I John 5:13
God's Gift of Eternal Life


To My Dear Readers,

I have longed to present this "Topical Category" to you, as a "Fun Bible-Based Knowledge Learning Activity", that is designed for all ages (To whom are able to READ)! I have personally enjoyed filling out "word-search puzzles" through-out my life. Now, I am so "Thankful and Pleased" to present to you "31" Bible Word-Search Puzzles to the "Glory Of Our Lord Jesus Christ!" I am so thankful for Mrs. Theresa Sciara's work, in designing these original "word-search puzzles" for this ministry's out-reach around the world! I pray, that you will gain some "Bible Knowledge" and have fun completing these puzzles! May You Seek To Walk With God And In His Will For Your Life (By God's Love & Grace)!

Christ's Loving Servant,
Evangelist Clifford M. Smith Th.D.

  1. God Creates The World!
  2. God Created Adam & Eve!
  3. Adam & Eve Disobey God!
  4. Noah Obeyed God!
  5. God's Plan!
  6. Love & Respect!
  7. Baby Moses!
  8. Worship God, Because He Is Real & Special!
  9. Good Advice!
  10. I Can Use My Talents!
  11. Joshua & Caleb Tell The Truth!
  12. Ruth & Naomi!
  13. Sing Praises To God!
  14. I Can Help Others!
  15. David Spared Saul's Life(Did Not Kill)!
  16. God's Word Is Found!
  17. Work Together!
  18. Jesus Was A Healer!
  19. The Mission Continues!
  20. Jesus Helped Believers!
  21. Two Men Walked With Jesus!
  22. Jesus Meets Two Disciples!
  23. Jesus Was Raised From The Dead!
  24. Jesus Is The Savior!
  25. Worship By Singing Praises To God!
  26. Worship God By Praying & Listening!
  27. Worship God By Obeying Him!
  28. Worship God By Worshipping Together!
  29. One Lord Of All!
  30. Worship God By Giving Offerings!
  31. One Miraculous Provider!